A Tiger - On the Loose and Prowling

Tiger, Tiger Tiger - He’s back! And the world - or at least the golfing world - no it is more than the golfing world - can’t get enough of this guy!  His swing is perfection.  He enthusiasm is infectious and his love of my favorite sport is boundless.

His goals are my goals - Go after and set every record that exists.  Break the boundaries and just keep on going.  He’s going and I am still going to chart new courses.

He’s exciting, he’s thrilling, he’s back!  

People who do not know golf, who do not play golf, people who actually hate golf, watch golf when Tiger tees it up.  My wonderful Aunt Bobo only watched golf when he was playing.  I am sure she was watching from above as he made a great run for 1st from 14 shots back.

He’s a phenomenon!  

I went to the Players in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, on Saturday and the traffic was backed up going north on I-95 at the exit 20 miles from tournament property.  I can’t make that up.  Sure there were some locals interspersed in this conga line but the majority were going to the tournament in hopes of seeing Tiger.  It was way tooooo crowded to even get in - in time to see the Spieth - Woods pairing.  I went home and watched it all on TV.

I saw Tiger at Bay Hill so I’ve had my “in person” fix.  The wrong - Let it go! It's behind him. Go Tiger go!  What you have and are doing for the sport!  Amazing!



Kay McMahonComment