I’m Betting On Golf

I’m Betting On Golf. . .I just attended the annual ING (International Network of Golf) annual conference at the IP Casino Resort in Biloxi, MS - Yes. . .a Casino.  ING is the International Network of Golf where the golf industry meets the media.  

If you are a betting person, do you think I placed a bet or two.  The answer is NO.  I did not even have time.  It was an action packed week of speed dating, speakers and exhibitions.  Golf companies from around the world introduced their merchandise, inventions and products to the media who will pass it on to their magazines, newspapers and social media outlets for golfers to see.  It’s a one of a kind convention with a world view insight and outlet to our ever growing sport.

Now a word on gambling. . . as you know, as of May 14th it is legal. . .yes LEGAL. . . to bet on sporting events - golf included.  Legal sports betting is certainly gong to change the landscape, but who knows how at this point.  I did try to place a wager on golf when I arrived at the resort only to learn it will be several months til all regulations are met and in place.  So, for now I’ll hold onto my cash, but at the same time say, if there appears to be a trend in sight to what the future holds for our industry - I’m betting on golf.

Kay McMahonComment