The Simplest way to learn or improve golf!


Golf 8.5 is our highly successful, simplistic approach to learning or improving your golf swing.  Kay McMahon, throughout her 30+ years of teaching, developed Golf 8.5 after realizing that so many of her students just weren’t ‘getting it’.   

“I believe that the traditional way of teaching golf has somewhat worked, yet it seems it causes people to think that ‘golf is hard!’ or that ‘there are too many things to think about or do.’”

Kay found a way to make it simple.  There are only 4 things to do before the swing and only 4.5 things to do in the swing.  That’s it! 

“When you follow Golf 8.5, the ‘1001 things’ that are traditionally taught happen automatically.  You no longer have to think about anything else.”


About Kay McMahon
   Teacher - Author - Speaker

  • LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame

  • LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers - 2018

  • International Network of Golf - 2015 Player Development Winner

  • NENY PGA Section Teacher of the Year - 2016 (3 times)

  • Golf Digest 50 Best Women Teachers in America

  • NENY PGA Section Horton Smith Award for Education

  • LPGA Ellen Griffin Rolex Award

  • Golf Magazine Top Regional Teachers

  • NENY PGA Section President’s Award

  • LPGA National Teacher of the Year

  • Past National LPGA T&CP President


What's it all about. . .

Here's a sample of the 4 Pre-Swing elements. . .

Remember - You will never have to worry or think about POSTURE ever again. . .

Kay always begins teaching Golf 8.5 by first understanding your goals.  After transforming the misconceptions that have probably caused you confusion and frustration for years, Kay then explains ball flight laws and most importantly, provides you with a clear, easily understood lesson on how the club works. 

“People tend to focus on the golf ball, but it is the club that is moving.”

Golf 8.5 starts from the beginning and allows you to understand the how and why.  Your learning curve is fast-tracked, and by the time you learn the 8.5 things to do to achieve a classic, consistent golf swing, you’ll be saying, “It’s so simple!  I can’t believe it!”

That is the point.  Golf is simple ... and Golf 8.5 proves it!


About Eloise Trainor

  • Director of Business Development and Innovation

  • Founder & CEO - FUTURES Tour (now the LPGA Symetra Tour)

  • Golf 8.5 Master Certified Teacher

  • LPGA Life Member

  • LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame - Nominee (3 times)

Eloise is co-founder of eduKaytion Golf and is passionate and dedicated to Golf 8.5 making the game simpler.  Her 20 years operating the FUTURES Tour, and 15 years of teaching, brings a wealth of experience and overwhelming enthusiasm to the learning environment.