Why “Play it Forward?” - Golf 8.5 Answers

When I played professional tournament golf - a long time ago - I first played on a men’s mini-tour called the American Golf Tour.  It was a tour for both men and women, but it was only me and about 150 men.  Not bad odds. . .But let’s talk golf.

One of the best lessons I learned from playing with the boys was when we took our practice rounds.  At most of the courses we played, there were three sets of tees - red, white, and blue which were the tips.  During regular tournament play, I would play from the white tees and the tour pro boys would play from the blue tees.  

During our practice rounds though we all - yes the boys and me - took turns playing rounds from each set of tees.  The blue tees taught me to hit it longer and by playing the red tees (formerly known as the ladies tees) the lesson learned was how to score lower by hitting more greens and having more birdies.  So when I played in tournament play, I hit it longer, but also had the mindset that I could go lower and have more birdies.  Lessons well learned.  

So my point. . .for all amateurs - play the golf course length like the pros - Play it where you can reach greens in regulation.  It’s a lot more fun!  Try it. . .you might like it.

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“We’re getting to play like the pros play,” my partner declared.  http://www.morningread.com/features/4aae8777-445e-4b4f-9a3d-f3f062cb5bd1


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