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Kay McMahon
LPGA Teaching Hall of Fame
PGA of America - Member
Golf Digest Top 50

This may sound unlikely, but I’ll go ahead and write it anyway: Kay McMahon may be golf’s most important person.
— Gary Vansickle, Pres. Golf Writers Association of America

Golf 8.5 Workshops

Golf is simple. Golf 8.5 Proves It.  Only 4 things to do before the swing and only 4.5 things to do in-swing - producing a classic golf swing for any person of any level.  Golf 8.5 proves to be easily understandable, simple, doable and highly successful.


Private Golf Instruction

One-to-One is a golf experience like no other.  It is more than a lesson.  You will experience what golf is all about and what a golf swing should be.  We have you covered!  Your personal goals will be met with a personal plan and Kay's Smart Learning Strategies for learning and a quick efficient way to improve.  Nothing will be changed that you don't want changed.  And it is a money-back guarantee!  


Hear Kay Speak

Kay is a well-recognized, exceptional and entertaining speaker, offering off-site learning and training experiences for small businesses, corporate meetings, athletic events, galas, organizational summits and more.

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Corporate Events

From fun, recreational activities to our Golf 8.5 “Discover the Golf Swing” workshop, eduKaytion Golf has been providing valuable entertainment to companies and clients for 15 years.