Kay McMahon
LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame
Teacher - Author - Speaker

Kay is a well-recognized, exceptional and entertaining speaker, offering off-site learning and training experiences for small businesses, corporate meetings, athletic events, galas, organizational summits and more.

If your audience can benefit from leveraging the game of golf as their best business tool, contact us TODAY.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


I will be presenting 1 session at the 2019 PGA Show and hope to see you in attendance!
Room 102
  Email me if you would like to attend at Kay@edukaytiongolf.com.

Meadowood Golf & Tennis Club

Fort Pierece, FL
Kay Speaking - Clinic & Demonstration- January 16th 4 pm - 7 pm
Public Invited - $20/person - Heavy Appetizers

Kay & Maria at NEWGA Spring Kick-off

Kay & Maria at NEWGA Spring Kick-off

Garlic Golf Presentation- “Cures everything that ails you” at PGA Show 2018

Garlic Golf Presentation- “Cures everything that ails you” at PGA Show 2018

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Kay presented

at Northeast Women’s Golf Assn. (NEWGA)
May 23,2018 - Wolfert’s Roost, Albany with young super-star - Maria Glavin - 7yrs.

at the 2018 PGA Show
Jan 26, 2018

Topics Kay can talk and motivate. . .

* Golf 8.5 - Making the Golf Swing Simple
De-cluttering the 6-inch attic"

* Golf as Your Best Business Tool
 “ How to Play with the Big Boys”

* Developing Skills by Developing a Game of a Lifetime
      "Corporate level to juniors"

* Short Game - The short to the long of It "The swing is the same from the putter to the Driver!"

* The 6-Inch Fairway - The Mental Side of Golf
   "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"

* Golf - Could be one of my Favorite Things

* Golf - A Woman’s Sport