What if posture is automatic?

Here is a very bold statement that is hard to believe by many, but I am going to prove that posture does not have to ever be taught or thought about!  Therefore. . .what if?

What if you never had to worry about posture?
What if you never had to think about alignment?
What if you never had to wonder how far to stand from the ball?
What if you never had to guess about the ball position?

What if - there is an easier way to get set up to hit a golf ball, will save you time, and de-clutter the 1001 things going on in your head.

Imagine. . .by simply changing the order of how you get set up. . .posture, alignment, ball position, distance from the ball will all happen automatically.  Not can, but will be automatic!

Typically the normal amateur sets their feet first, then sets the club on the ground, then grips the club - then tries to adjust posture.   Wrong order!

At eduKaytion Golf , we change the order so that posture is automatic.  The order is called G-CAP.

First - Grip the club with the club up in the air at eye level.
Second - Clubhead is set on the ground by stepping in with the rear foot aiming leading edge facing the target.
Third - Align your foot line with the line across your toes perpendicular to the club face.
Fourth - Posture happens automatically and is perfect.

If you can’t believe it, check us out.  You will be amazed and way more successful in a very short amount of time.  Lessons and consultations in person and online.  You can be anywhere with Kay.

Kay McMahonComment