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By Eloise Trainor - FUTURES Tour Founder
Co-Owner - eduKaytion Golf

When I read the pairings sheet for this inaugural USGA Senior Women’s Open less than a week before the first tee time, I knew I had to be there.  I personally knew more than 40 players out of the 120 who qualified.

I simply longed to be able to see those players who 25 years ago, give or take, played on the FUTURES Golf Tour - the tour I was lucky to establish and direct from 1980 to 2000.  

Imagine that - a blast from the past.  The opportunity to see forty plus players I knew well would be like a home coming to me.  We were like family in those days.  Couple that with the chance to see the greats of the LPGA and many of the past USGA Women Open Champions -  Joanne Carner, Julie Inkster, Hollis Stacy, Jan Stephenson and on, and to support the first USGA Senior Women’s Open was irresistible.

I had to go.  I was there at the crack of dawn as Joanne Carner - Big MaMa - age 79 - hit the first tee shot to a round of applause echoing down those hallowed fairways.  Then watched as she finished with a birdie to shoot her age.  

This was a time warp of sorts, a gap of twenty five years between then, the FUTURES Tour days  and this Senior Open.   I experienced that time warp. . .Yes. . .twenty five years since they had seen me and since I had seen them.  With many hugs, cheers, smiles and quick reminisces - seeing everyone was fabulous.  For me this opportunity just couldn’t have been missed. 

Seeing the players doing what they love, playing the sport we all love and playing great was a gift beyond belief.

Alot of miles along the ways . . .for alot of smiles.  Am I glad I went - you bet!

Let me count the ways and name some of those that I knew and saw. . .continuing to grow the game into the FUTURE. . .

Over 40 0f the 120 USGA Senior Women's Open Players - Had Played on The FUTURES TOUR

Over 40 0f the 120 USGA Senior Women's Open Players - Had Played on The FUTURES TOUR