No Yelling, Shouting or Disparaging Statements

In Golf Digest’s July issue, the Undercover Tour Pro piece not only reinforced but compounded my conviction to demand tournament organizers of all golf tournaments remove anyone who yells, bellows or ridicules a golfer during play - period - no exceptions - no excuses.

On every ticket and posted on boards at entrance points (along with the boards with the information about inclement weather procedures) the following statement needs to be put out to one and all and reinforced to the fullest:
"No yelling, shouting or disparaging statements will NOT be tolerated.  Removal from property will be immediate.  No refunds and future attendance will be prohibited."

This must be the policy of all golf organizations.  Exceptions may be made, such as the Waste Management tournament - but from what I have heard about the spectators on the 16th hole their yelling has become vicious and demeaning instead of playful and encouraging.  

The only decibel busting word I want to hear on a golf course is “FORE”, so I can protect myself.

Kay McMahonComment