How to Get more Distance in Golf Swing

What is golf all about?  Only two things. . . Distance and Direction.  It can be achieved while wishing for it.  When you boil it all down, what every golfer wants is one of two things. . .Distance or direction.   That’s it!

Can you have both?  Yes!  Gaining more distance does not mean you have to sacrifice direction.  Having more distance does make the game easier, but not if you hit it longer into the woods.

To achieve more distance and more accuracy, actually practice in slower motion.  Take the speed out.  Yes take the speed out of it to get into better more efficient and effective position.  Practicing in slow motion leads to better retention and only then add the speed.  We all think of speed as gaining more distance, but the reality is that squareness of contact. . .meaning hitting it in the center of the club face gives you both.

To develop a more efficient swing, take the speed out.  Then as one starts hitting the center of the club face add the speed back in to your swing.  Yes . . . you can have both!  Try it you might like it.  We can teach you how to do it by using our simple Golf 8.5 approach.  So easy to learn at

Kay McMahon