How to Get in Perfect Posture in 4 Simple Steps

What?  How can posture be automatic?

What if you never had to think about posture?

What if you never had to worry about ball position?

What if you never had to wonder how far to stand from the ball?

What if you never had to know how much to bend your knees?

What if you never had to worry about your alignment?


The answer is Golf 8.5.  And if you don’t know about it. . .then we should talk.

Time to de-clutter.  Time to get rid of all the pre-shot fussing and diddling and thinking.


Golf 8.5 is comprised of only 4 things to do before the swing and only 4.5 things to do in swing.  Doing Golf 8.5 in order puts all the “stuff” that is written about, talked about, over analyzed, over taught, over exaggerated into a simple formula that will make all that “stuff” happen.  That’s it. . .4 things before the swing and 4.5 things in the swing and all the rest will happen.


In Golf 8.5 posture happens automatically.  We are on a mission to never have to ever teach posture and we don’t.  It is automatic by following our G-CAP pre-shot approach.  And by the way. . .it is how the pro’s do it.


G-CAP - the 4 pre-shot things - stands for the order that you do to get set up or to get ready to swing. 

  1. The G stands for first grip with the club in the air with the leading edge perpendicular to the ground.

  2. Second, the C stands for then setting the club on the ground by “stepping  in” aiming the club head or leading edge perpendicular to the target line. 

  3. The A stands for then setting your feet so that the A or Alignment  or  A-Line from toe to toe - your foot line is then perpendicular to the leading edge of the club face. 


Note here . . .And this is important and breaks from convention . . .Doing those three first puts you automatically into your perfect posture position.  That’s all the 4 pre-swing.


The two main questions I get asked are:  “How far do I stand from the ball?”  And then. . . “Where should the ball be placed between my feet?”  You will receive a million different answers, yet my answer is: “I don’t know!  The club will tell you how far and where to stand.”  By setting the club down as it is designed, it will automatically take care of distance from the ball, ball position, and more importantly POSTURE.  It will de-clutter so many thoughts and simplifies what to do.


It is only the beginning.  Golf is simple and 8.5 proves it . . .over and over again.  After     G-CAP, then there are only 4.5 things to do in swing.  It will get even easier.  If you want to make your golf easier. . .want to make your golf life less cluttered. . .Then we should talk more.   Golf 8.5 is unconventional, and it works.

Kay McMahon