Experience Golf 8.5
One-to-One Golf Lessons with Kay
On-Line - Live

One-to-One is a golf experience like no other.  It is more than a lesson.  You will experience what golf is all about and what a golf swing should be.  We have you covered!  Your personal goals will be met with a personal plan and Kay's Smart Learning Strategies for learning and a quick efficient way to improve.  Nothing will be changed that you don't want changed.  And it is a money-back guarantee!  

The idea is to get you on the golf course as soon as possible. . . So you can go play your best!  

Call for more information and see how it works!
You will see how simple it is!




On-Line LIve - One on one with Kay

1 Hour $169
Premium Packages - SAVE BIG!
   4-Pak  $449         ($225 Savings)
   6-Pak  $649         ($365) Savings)
   12-Pak  $1279      ($759) Savings)




On-Line Lesson with Kay

  You can be any where to have a lesson with Kay
     Using FaceTime & HUDL Technique App

   Here's how it works. . . 
         - You first video 3 or 4 of your swings and email to Kay.
         - Kay reviews - sends back with comments and video analysis superimposed over your videos.
         - Next - Schedule an appointment for a One-to-One Live - Real Time -FaceTime or Skype call with Kay.
Single lessons and packages are available and will be based on your schedule and coordinated with Kay. 

We provide:

  • Complete computer/video swing analysis

  • Before and after swing comparisons

  • We accommodate your schedule.

  • Money Back Guaranteed Results