Teach Golf 8.5

  1. eduKaytion Golf has created a unique, intense training program built on Golf 8.5 from Kay's 30 years of experience. 

  2. We are seeking self motivated individuals who want to bring their teaching skills to the next level. 

  3. We are looking for individuals who are interested in teaching and specifically teaching and learning Golf 8.5.  (May include coaches and/or LPGA/PGA Golf Professionals at any level or with anyone with golf experience.)


  1. Certification programs are designed around each individual and one on one with Kay.

  2. Evaluations and testing complete the certification process over a period of one month to one year.

  3. Support materials, marketing, and personal consultation will be available year long. 


Certification Requirements

  • Must have golf experience or knowledge

  • Must submit a resume

  • Two letters of references

  • Personal Statement of why you want to be certified and how you would use Golf 8.5 (500 words or less)

  • Admission interview to review application

Level I - Certification Program Includes:

  • Attend minimum of 3 - Golf 8.5 workshops that Kay conducts for the general public.

  • Lesson Observations - (minimum) 4 hours of lesson observation

  • 6 hours of classroom - One-to-One with Kay to include:

  1. Teaching Methods, Sales, Marketing,  Video techniques, Safety, Learning styles, Single and Group lessons, etc.

  • 3 Individual Lessons to be given -  (45 minutes lessons)

  1. Lesson will be observed, video taped and observed

  2. Each lesson will be evaluated (1 hour of evaluation per lesson)

  • Personal Workbook

  1. Will involve approximately 12 to 15 hours of work at home

  2. Completion will be required (online)

  • Final Certification - needs to be a Pass in the following

  1. Written Test

  2. Evaluation of lessons

Approximate time commitment and value:

  • Learning time with Kay on site - 30 - 35 hours (over year)

  • At home - 15 - 20 hrs.

  • Could be completed over a one month to 12 month period

  • Value of over $3000 of lessons and learning time with Kay

Certification Benefits:

  • Listed on eduKaytion Golf and Golf 8.5 website as a Certified 8.5 Instructor

  • Referenced in all of eduKaytion marketing campaigns

  • Includes Face time calls or video analysis

  • 2nd year recertification and review - 8.5 Instructor Membership - $200


  • Use of licensed trademarked Golf 8.5 Logo in all material

  • Follow up consultations on marketing

  • 12 personal consultations per year regarding lessons

Master Certification Program:

First Year Fee = $1195
LPGA/PGA or Coaches = $995 (with credentials & appropriate experience)