TopGolf Orlando or Drive Shack - 8.5 Experience

TopGolf Orlando or Drive Shack - 8.5 Experience


Experience - Golf 8.5 at TopGolf or Drive Shack - Orlando

Bring Your Group with Kay as your Guide for the Entertainment Experience

You choose the Day & Time

Swing Instruction with Kay
Personal Video Swing Analysis
2 hours - Unlimited Playing Time
Golf Clubs can be provided
(Food & Drink not included)

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If you have never been or have been to TopGolf - now experience with Hall of Famer Kay McMahon. Have professional instruction as you play games, enjoy the music, enjoy the food and drink. Design your own group and let Kay host your group through an outing that is both fun and instructional.

Try Golf 8.5! It’s so Simple!

  • 4 Things Before & 4.5 Things in the Swing - To Do

  • De-Clutter Your 6-inch Attic

  • 1001 Things You WON’T Have to Do in 1.2 Seconds

  • Putting It All Together

Try Golf 8.5!